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Fixed panels are identical to our steel doors but without hinges and handles. A steel wall or window with glass is very attractive, industrial and characteristic. It fits perfectly in a modern, classic or rural interior.


A fixed panel can be easily combined next to a steel door, but also as a free-standing element it optimizes all the light in your room. We make all our steel panels to measure, completely according to your wishes.


A fixed panel can also provide a natural division of your space. The fixed panel then divides the space into zones. By choosing patterned glass here too, you can even obscure some elements in your interior while always enjoying maximum enjoyment of the incoming light.


The distribution of the fixed panel can be completely matched to your interior. For example, a sleek horizontal line that is measured on your light switches is a nice extra that provides peace and class. This way the fixed panel becomes an integral part of your space.

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