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Pivot doors rotate around their own vertical axis. The pivot points are always located at the top and bottom of the door.


Pivot doors have some advantages. This means that no heavy steel frames are needed and the door closes automatically thanks to a lock stop system. A pivot door opens lightly and easily, both inwards and outwards. Furthermore, the long lifespan is also an important plus. It is also possible to lock the door at 90° so that it remains open.


Due to the integrated pump system, the pump is no longer required to be installed in the floor. Our pivot doors can therefore also be installed in rooms with underfloor heating. The door installation never comes into contact with the underfloor heating.


This pivot door and its unique construction also offers possibilities in very wide doorways. We can then move the pivot point further away from the wall so that your door suddenly gets a very impressive appearance. This makes the pivot door seem to float even more in your doorway.

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